Open source ethos

Our project comes from an open source mindset and a not-for profit perspective.

We embrace the ethics and principles of permaculture:


Care for the planet. Care for the people. Share the surplus.


We are part of the human family and we have a common problem. So, as humans who happen to be artists, we want to do what we can and be part of the solution

with the specific skills we have.


This is an open source project. There is no copyright or intellectual or artistic ownership for any of the video clips on this site. And we share the credit collectively among all those who have contributed.

Collective creativity

The aim of Global Heartwarming is collective creativity for the higher good of everyone, especially future generations. So, if this project inspires others to do something similar, then YES! Our hope is that this work will generate an abundance of good sketches and ideas that turn into more videos and shows. Far more than the five videos we have made so far. We need more movies, more shows, more ads,

more poems, more jams, more songs, more of everything that is fun to be doing as members of the human race – and as people who are engaged to find solutions to a huge and common problem.


Have a look at the Comedy Buffet for ideas we have already come up with which we would like to share with anyone who agrees with the ethics of this project.

Funding basis

We have created the project on a voluntary basis, as an act of reciprocity

and gratitude to the planet.


We raised funds for our basic costs via a crowd-funding campaign. This allowed us to cover the production material expenses for the first five videos. (NZ$ 5,000).

Here is how that money was spent.


PDF summary of costs for climate clown videos

Environmental ethics

This site is hosted by For every unit of electricity used powering their servers they purchase three units of wind power.


During filming our catering was home cooked and vegetarian or vegan,

and organic whenever possible.


As far as we can we try to keep fossil fossil fuel consumption to a minimum.

However, making the videos did involve driving and even some flying. Our project fully embodies the contradiction and challenges of our times and of climate change,

so we certainly don’t claim us to be perfect. However, we try to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. We encourage anyone who is inspired to use any ideas from our Comedy Buffet for further comedy projects to keep an eye on the sustainability of the process - for example to keep their productions locally based and to avoid flying large numbers of actors around the world!

Help us make more

We are open to suggestions and feedback on how to continue this project further.

We are looking to connect with ethically oriented business or organizations that are interested in supporting this project and help us to produce more videos.


If you’re interested in helping more of this kind of work to take place please get in touch via the Contact page. Thanks.

Values and Ethics

care for the people

share the surplus

collective creativity

open source

care for our planet