• COWS (by Climate Clowns - Global Heartwarming)

    The following sketch could be done either by filming with real cows in a field and then adding a voiceover or with actors with poor cow costumes sitting on a bench in a field having tea.


    There are three to five cows. In a field.


    They are discussing the fact that  they have heard that climate change is their fault because they are farting too much. Their reactions go from being amused to being surprised, a little embarrassed as well as worried that the humans might use them as scapegoats.


    A human comes by driving a highly polluting car that is visibly giving off exhaust. The human looks like some kind of scientist with a measurement device of some kind. The cows hold their breath in order to avoid farting. They are visibly in pain.


    As soon as the human goes away they loudly release their gas. They comment that it is actually quite unfair what the humans are doing blaming the cows for the greenhouse gas release.

  • THE POLAR BEAR (by Climate Clowns - Global Heartwarming)

    A family is sitting around the table for dinner – Mum,  Dad and a little boy.


    We hear a loud knocking at the door.


    The father asks who’s there.


    The little boy goes to check. He comes back with the news that  it’ s a polar bear.


    The father asks what the polar bear wants.


    The boy goes to the door again. We hear a loud bear sound. The boy comes back and reports that the bear needs a place to stay.


    The father replies that there is no way that the can bear stay there.


    The little boy pesters his Dad, saying “Oh come-on daddy, just for tonight, please? Please?”


    The mother mediates between the two of them. In the end father accepts on the condition that it’s  just for one night.


    The child goes to let the bear in and comes back hand in hand with the him (an actor in an obviously bad polar bear constume). The two go upstairs together.


    Change of image. Mum and dad peeping into the little boy’s room. The boy is sleeping hugging the bear. They look very cute together.


    Mother to father:

    “Do you think maybe we should do something about climate change?”


  • DANGEROUS HOUSE (by Climate Clowns - Global Heartwarming)

    The scene: a family house in a state of extreme disrepair. There are broken windows, pieces of the ceiling falling in, an outside porch where the rail has rotted away and there is a big drop down to the garden.

    There are additional dangers: a couple of old rusty saws have been left lying around, there is an unprotected open fires and there are a number of sharp knives left out in the kitchen.


    Mum and Dad calmly discuss the various risks and the costs of fixing them while two small children run and play amongst it all. Their general conclusion is that it would be too expensive.


    Each time they discuss about something dangerous that they are considering addressing we hear either a child getting hurt, or we see one of the children  walking by looking clearly injured (in bandages, bruised, limping etc…) .


    There is a crescendo of the contrast between the passivity of the parents and the increasingly awful consequences for their children.


    Eventually we see or hear something very serious indeed – for example the sound of a child yelling "help!" while falling off the very high porch.


    The final shot is text on a screen that reads “Climate change. Are we sure it’s too expensive to fix it?”

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