Our friends

We have had a lot of support from a lot of people.


First, a big thank you to everyone who donated to the crowdfunding campaign.

Your generosity made our work possible.


We have had great support from the team at Boosted, the New Zealand Arts Foundation’s crowdfunding website.


A massive thank you to everyone at Te Henga Studios. This magical place in the bush let us use their lovely facilities as a place to improvise, write and shoot.


Many thanks indeed to the Thirsty Dog which kindly let us shoot the Crude sketch on their premises.


A big thank you to the Climate Reality Project Australia for agreeing

to share our videos.


Thank you very much indeed to Zoran Studio for taking such amazing photos

and letting us use them.


Thanks to those who opened their homes to us, lent the use of their car, helped cook, investigated catering options and gave so much from the heart.


A huge thank you to Akasadaka for making this website and for being the kind

super-friend he always has been.


Finally, thank you to those who mentored and guided us through the new territory making videos: Luke Wheeler, Ruth Dudding, Guy Capper and Joe Citizen from Media Arts at Wintec.