Join the Divestment Movement

All over the world, people are getting their money out of any bank, fund, share or anything else that is heavily invested in fossil fuels. This is a worldwide movement to put pressure on these industries, and it's working.


For more information on divestment please go to Go Fossil Free or have a look at our Learn More section.

Stop the madness

We can stop crazy fracking, drilling and mining projects in their tracks. This is a great way to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Many countries and states have already banned fracking as a result – Scotland, France, New York and Tasmania to name a few.

The pressure is being applied to some of the mega projects like the Galilee Basin in Australia and the Keystone XL pipeline in the USA and Canada.

Stop the Galilee Basin coal development

The proposed coal mining development in the  Galilee Basin in Australia is on a truly enormous scale. If built, it would cover an area the size of the United Kingdom and the coal would be shipped through a port right by the World Heritage protected

Great Barrier Reef. There is determined campaign to stop this.


You can help here.

Contact your elected Member

This December the world's leaders will meet in Paris to negotiate about what to do about climate change. This is a major opportunity to let them know we expect serious action and not just smiles, some vague targets and a handshake. The best way to make sure they hear the message is to tell them, and to tell your nearest elected politician with a voice at your national level. Want a tip on getting them to take notice?


Write it by hand. For great tips on how to get politicians to pay attention see this short TED talk.



Go Renewable

One of the best things anyone can do is to change the way our homes get their energy. Look for a solar installer or an electricity company that provides power from the wind and the sun.

Get you business or community involved

One of the most effective things that you can do is to get an organisation or community your are involved with involved. In many countries you can book a free talk and presentation on climate change from someone trained by Al Gore and a number of other experts in the science and solution to the problem.


Please go to the Climate Reality Project , go to Get Loud, and click on ‘Request a presentation’ to book a Climate Reality Leader to come to you.

Support organisations working on this

There are a lot of organisations campaigning on climate change. You can help them by donating or by getting involved in their campaigns. You may like to check out 350, Greenpeace or the Climate Council. If you live in a country with a Green Party,

isn’t it time to give them your vote?

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One way you could help would be by sharing our comedy videos online.

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Make more Comedy

We need more comedy about climate change. We have a space on this website for sharing comedy ideas in a copyright-free open source way called the Comedy Buffet. Or you could contact us if you want to support us in making more ourselves.

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