Our Creative Process

We have shot five short comedy videos about climate change which will be released

over the months leading up to the UN climate summit in December. The videos were all created in Auckland, New Zealand. The creative process was as follows.


Giovanni and Tejopala started by holding  an initial creative brainstorm of ideas to be

explored through improvisation with the cast members.  Following that, over Easter, a

group of  twelve  actors-devisers with a common background in physical comedy and

improvisation gathered at Te Henga Studios near Bethells Beach in West Auckland for a

workshop facilitated by Giovanni.  Through an improvisation they explored different aspects of  the ‘global warming field’, looking for potential for comedy. They explored character, situations, paradoxes, writing structures, metaphors and stories etc. Out of this collective process emerged around twenty potential sketches. The group then reached a consensus on the first five videos they wanted to produce.


Over the following two weeks Giovanni and Tejopala worked on these scenarios, turning

them into scripts, storyboards and shot lists with the help Ruth and Luke. The shooting took place during over three days from April 25th to 27th in various locations in the Auckland region including Te Henga Studios, Long Bay College Drama Studio,

Cornwallis Beach and the Thirsty Dog pub.


Finally, work on post-production started. This is still in process for a and will continue over

the coming weeks.